REcycling strategies for the COastal sustainable waste
management towards R&D Innovation


Marine pollution is a huge environmental problem: according to recent reports, the Adriatic Sea has an average of 27 floating waste per square kilometre, mainly out of plastic (90%), threatening local fauna.


RE.CO.RD project aims at reducing the environmental impact of economic activities related to the touristic exploitation of coastal areas bringing marine pollution as a direct result: the active participation of the population and the introduction of new technologies will lead to a virtual circle of plastic materials recycling.

About the project

Project implementation will increase by 10% the capacity of regional, local authorities and public utilities operators to integrate environmentally friendly technologies in their operations with special attention to coastal and maritime zones.

The overall objective of RE.CO.RD is to introduce environmentally friendly sustainable technologies and processes to manage plastic waste, specifically to promote a model of sustainable exploitation of the coasts through shared strategies for a functional waste management. Bathing sites will become protected sites in order to safeguard and enhance coastal ecosystems.

What RE.CO.RD will achieve

  • Two experimental prototypes

    Realization of 2 experimental prototypes for plastic recycling (1 in Italy and 1 in Greece) and 6 demonstrative actions for collecting, weighing and recycling plastic materials directly near the beaches (3 in Italy and 3 in Greece);

  • Development of an evaluation report

    Development of an evaluation report about environmental and economic impact of applied technologies, in particular in terms of cost and sustainability;

  • Activities created to involve the stakeholders

    Activities created to involve the stakeholders in both areas in safeguard and enhancement of coastal ecosystems: 1 international training session in Greece targeted to professionals and technicians, 2 training courses targeted to beach operators, 3 creative laboratories for schools, 2 networking workshops and a final conference of the project;

  • A final video documentary

    Production of 1 video documentary, 1 video clip and 1 creative publication for citizens empowerment about the importance of plastic recycling, as well as recycling of other waste materials (glass, paper, etc.), in order to emphasize the alarming problem of Marine litter.


Total project budget


ERDF Contribution


National contribution

729 days

Project duration from 31/05/2018 to 30/05/2020

Programme 2014-2020

RE.CO.RD project is funded by the 1° call for standard projects of Interreg V-A Greece-Italy 2014-2020, the cross-border territorial programme fostering cross-border growth strategies aimed at enhancing living standards in the involved regions.

Project partners

Project manager: Franco Coluccia e-mail

Project manager: Fabio Pollice e-mail

Project manager: Pasquale Bleve e-mail

Project manager: Amalia Fragkouli e-mail

Project manager: Chrysostomos Stylios e-mail

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Project co-funded by European Union, European Regional Development Funds (E.R.D.F.) and by National Funds of Greece and Italy

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