3rd Partnership Meeting of the RE.CO.RD project

3rd Partnership Meeting of the RE.CO.RD project

18 and 19 July 2019


Sharing the general status of the general work of RE.CO.RD – REcycling strategies for the COastal sustainable waste management towards R&D Innovation, an interesting project funded by the 1st call for ordinary Interreg projects V-A Greece-Italy 2014-2020.

This is a summary of the mission of the 3rd Partnership Meeting organized on two days,  18 and 19 July, scheduled in Santa Cesarea Terme, at “Palazzo” hotel. A profitable and certainly productive moment in which the progress of the activities on this site will be jointly evaluated, whose purpose – as planned – is the reduction of the environmental impact of economic activities linked to the exploitation of coastal areas.

The presence of the project coordinators for all the Partners will prove to be fundamental as usual.

In fact, it is a recurring appointment that is renewed quarterly and during which the organization is entrusted to one of the partners and, therefore, carried out in different sites.

In this regard it is recalled that the partners involved are: Municipality of Otranto – Lead Partner, University of Salento Municipality of Santa Cesarea Terme, Municipality of Lefkada and University of Ioannina Special Account for Research Funds. The occasion will also be propitious to establish the next medium-term objectives, but also to discuss the effectiveness of the methodologies adopted so far and, if necessary, reformulate them based on new programmatic requirements It is recalled, more generally, that the project is part of a Territorial Cooperation Program that promotes cross-border growth strategies aimed at improving the quality of life in the regions involved. It is part of the Specific Objective 2.3 of the Program: Development and testing of innovative technologies / tools for reducing marine and air pollution. Therefore, during the meetings on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 July at the center of reflection between the partners there will be a first assessment of what has been done on the promotion in order to safeguard and improve the conditions of the coastal ecosystem in question.