RE.CO.RD. 4th Steering Committee & Project Management Board Meeting

The upcoming 4th Steering Committee & Project Management Board Meeting of RE.CO.RD project will take place on 10th and 11th December 2019, in Arta, Greece.

All Project Partners from Greece and Italy have initiated the preparations for the meeting, as they will actively participate reporting the progress of all work packages and the project results so far. During this meeting, each partner will present in detail all the data and information acquired by the implementation of the ongoing project activities. The meeting will give a special focus on the waste management survey model and on the special training activities that are planned for the capacity building of RE.CO.RD target groups.

Furthermore, the deliverables developed until the end of November 2019 within the project scope will be shared and discussed among the partners. It should also be mentioned that the consortium will cooperate in order to deal with certain challenges that partners may have faced in the management or implementation of their activities. Eventually, management, financial and communication issues will be discussed and assessed as well as the overall project performance.

The meeting has a special meaning for the partners, as the Joint Secretariat Project Officer, Mr. Giuseppe Gargano, will also participate. The presence of Mr. Gargano is considered of outmost importance by the project partners, as he will provide valuable guidance and evaluation for the project activities and the future steps the partners are to follow.

The University of Ioannina is the host partner and the meeting venue will be the Headquarters of the University in Arta, Greece. Partners involved are: Municipality of Otranto – Lead Partner, University of Salento, Municipality of Santa Cesarea Terme, Municipality of Lefkada, and University of Ioannina.