Valuable tools for the RE.CO.RD project

Thanks to valuable tools and other resources provided for the RE.CO.RD project, various demonstrative actions were carried out along the Greek coasts of the Municipality of Lefkada. The balance of these initiatives that were held last August is really positive.

All this proved to be effective and materialized with operational actions aimed at the collection, weighing and recycling of the plastic materials found.
In the project mission all this was aimed at raising awareness among local communities of preventive attitudes aimed at protecting the environment and the ecological system.

To give further prominence and to act as a sounding board for these operations were institutional social channels such as the Facebook page of the Municipality of Lefkada.

The latter is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, connected to the mainland by a dirt road. Its west coast beaches are characterized by cliffs and turquoise waters. Instead, the east coast is known for its traditional villages, while, to the north, the city of Lefkada is the capital and gateway to the island. Vassiliki, to the south, is a destination for windsurfers.

The presence on the shores of the operators involved in the project followed a detailed and precise schedule that ranged from the aforementioned demonstrative actions to those aimed at raising awareness among the inhabitants on the spot. These were three specific figures formed with this particular task. The beaches of Lefkada involved were those of “Kathisma” beach, “Agios Nikitas” beach and “Porto-Katsiki” beach.

In addition to providing general information on the project’s mission and vision and on the planning that took place on 7 and 8 August, operators have carefully provided practical instructions on how to recycle commonly polluting materials.
Furthermore, various types of promotional material have been left to residents of the island to be used as a lever for social communication and for raising public awareness, especially for younger generations.